It goes without saying that our routines, schedules, lifestyles and priorities have changed in the last month. I, like you, don’t know what lies ahead and I’m trying to navigate it as best I can. My focus is to load up on positivity, great thoughts and live in the moment. I’ve realized that my son’s contagious laugh, being married to my very best friend, and having a healthy family is what’s most important right now- and it is what’s going to continue to carry me through these days of uncertainty.

I want to pass along positivity to those of you who are nervous, anxious and scared… just like I am right now. I want to encourage you to turn to something that you find comfort in, something that brings you joy.

This blog is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time, and I am grateful to have the extra time to actually do it. It helps me to really soak in the minutes and moments and distracts me from what is going on outside. I appreciate all of you sharing this with me and I encourage you to do something you’ve always wanted to do too. If it makes you happy, I’m certain it will bring happiness to others. Speaking of happiness; take a peek below to see the simple joy we found in a hundred water beads today.

This face!

My sister gifted Bodhi a bag of colourful little ‘Orbeez’ pellets for his birthday and they ended up being SO fetch (I’m sorry, I’m still trying to make fetch happen, it is going to happen).


Orbeez are absorbent polymers that grow to more than a hundred times their volume when placed in water. You can find them at Walmart- or Amazon [amongst others I am sure]!

Why they’re so fun:

I put a spoonful of these pellets into water around dinner time, and by noon the next day they were the size of marbles! I strained them to get rid of the excess water and they were ready for us!

I put a tablespoon of the Orbeez into three cups of water at 5pm.

Bodhi loved playing with them and truthfully, so did I! They’re squishy, soft and remarkably bouncy [I chased a few around our living room]. Also: they’re super slippery, which makes it that much funnier when you’re trying to get a hold of them.

We used the Orbeez in a few different ways. First we squished and squeezed them [obviously] and had fun picking them up and feeling them with our hands. I want to mention that Bodhi had absolutely no desire to put these in, or around, his mouth. I explained to him before he even touched them that they were toys we play with. It’s similar to when we play with playdough- which we also roll into balls and squish.

I thought these beads would be a great way to learn- while practicing his fine motor skills. Colour-sorting was my favorite part. Bodhi decided which colours he was going to sort, and put one of each in the small bowls I had set out for him. He didn’t always get it right, and it stumped him a bit when he picked a color out of the bowl that didn’t match the colours he had separated already. He really enjoyed doing this and I enjoyed him talking about all the colors he was digging out of the big bowl.

Bodhi created his own way of playing by scooping the beads up and transferring them from container to container. He did this again, and again and “again mommy!”

If you have a younger child and still want to experience these fun water beads; an easy activity would be to fill a large Ziploc baggie with Orbeez and use painters tape to adhere it to a window or patio door so your child can see the fun bright colors and also play with the beads in a mess-free way!

As I was researching these fun little water beads, I came across an article about a French social media influencer who filled his bath with Orbeez, then drained the tub, and managed to block his entire neighbourhood’s drainage systems with the jelly-like balls. Insert OMG face here. What not to do. Enjoy, xox

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