We are day who knows into quarantine and we’ve hit a low-key dino-obsession over here.

Studies have shown that the most common toddler interest is vehicles [planes, trains, and automobiles] and the next most popular, by a ton, is dinosaurs. Hello Land Before Time, Ice Age 3, The Good Dinosaur, Dino Time and Jurassic Park [we haven’t watched these movies… yet] but I can’t wait to eventually snuggle up with some popcorn and have dino-friendly family movie nights [I honestly almost said dino-mite…]. Jurassic Park will have to wait a loooong time before we consider watching it with Bodhi. I remember seeing this movie in theatres in 1993, and being SO scared when Samuel L. Jackson’s arm [AND ONLY HIS ARM] made its on-screen appearance. Insert nightmares [I was 8].
Interesting fact: a hurricane stopped Samuel from flying to Hawaii to film this scene, while destroying the movie set, so he wasn’t actually present when that scene was filmed. And come to think of it— did he ever actually need to be?

Although all the dinosaurs are a “T-rex” and “raaawr” according to Bodhi, it’s still a very fun topic to have such interest in and explore. I’m here for it— and I get to learn a little something-something along the way too!

We ordered a Dino Egg Dig Kit from Amazon and it was a huge hit. The ‘eggs’ are made of natural clay, and are non-toxic. The kit includes little digging sticks with one end for digging and one end for brushing the dust away. When you get digging, the dust from the clay does start to make a bit of a mess. For us, it stayed confined to the table top— it is manageable and easy to clean. The kit recommended putting newspaper down, but we didn’t find it was necessary.

Did I mention that there are 12 dino eggs in the kit? That means there is a potential for hours, even days, of fun [depending on how you stretch it out]. Idea bubble: these would be great for a birthday party activity or loot bags.

Bodhi was a big fan of the eggs, his expressions say it all. Before we began digging he was shaking the egg and holding it up to his ear saying “hellloooo dinosaur”. He thought they were great. Being that Easter was so recent; eggs have proven themselves to be fifty shades of cool!

Bodhi required some assistance when digging, and since my husband was eager to get in there and have some fun himself, it worked out perfectly. Bodhi was mostly interested in brushing the dinosaur off as soon as my husband carved away a clay-chunk and pieces of the dino became more and more visible.

The kit also comes with 12 fact-cards that outline details about the dinosaurs in the eggs. We had fun trying to match the card to the dino as it peaked out of the clay. Bodhi loved the cards and was trying his hardest to pronounce ‘ornithomimus’ and truthfully, so was I.

Maybe we have a Ross Geller on our hands— who knows?

I thoroughly read the instructions after we dug out the first dinosaur, and it ‘suggested’ the egg be soaked in water for five minutes to soften the clay and make digging easier. I was interested in trying this method [because I don’t actually think it was just a suggestion, maybe more so an instruction… to be followed lol]. Anyway: we did a round two, and after a five minute water soak we found the clay was sticky and all over our hands— but it was easier to break into the egg itself due to the clay being soft. Regardless of how we do it, we will continue to hatch these baby dinosaurs and learn to pronounce their names.

I was today years old when I realized that dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago after living on earth for about 165 million years.

K GTG digggg xo

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