Not only is this a bright and fun treat [that gives off major 90’s vibes] but this quick and easy three-ingredient dessert brings your favorite outdoor campfire treat inside, right to your kitchen table.

Peeps are a Easter necessity, a staple if you will. They’re soft and fluffy marshmallows rolled in sugar— and seriously; could they be any cuter? I find them nostalgic as well; they bring me back to my childhood when my mom would stuff my knit [yes, knit] Easter basket full of them. And that neon spray-paint look has an appeal I just can’t refuse. The truth is; you love them or you hate them, but trust me when I say this dessert is legit in every way shape and form. Haters not gonna hate.

Toasty Peeps!

This upcoming weekend will be challenging for most of us being that we cannot gather with friends and/or family while enjoying each other’s company like we traditionally would. We have to reimagine the ways we celebrate, and bring joy into our homes in other ways.

  • Since we can’t see people in real life, use Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, and Google Duo to video-chat and stay connected.
  • Use a recipe to make familiar or comforting food that tells a story or reminds you of something/someone special.
  • Create a playlist of songs that give you all the good feels, and ask Alexa to play it when you need it most.
  • Send a voice memo rather than text: it’ll be a nice surprise!

Day-by-day we are going to get through this— we are in it together! Here is a sweet little something-something from our little family to yours. Pull up a chair and grab yourself a graham cracker!


You need two different flavors of chocolate chips. You can use whatever type of chips you want— and the options are literally endless [the limit does not exist]. This time around I chose to use semi-sweet chocolate chips and salted caramel chipits!

Semi-sweet chocolate chips + Salted Caramel Chipits!

Start with a baking dish of your choice- I used a 6×12″ oval dish [I would not recommend using a dish larger than this because the 200g bag of chips filled the bottom perfectly]. If you have a 6″ iron skillet, that would work too! Spread the first flavour of chips across the bottom of the dish, then layer the second flavor of chips directly on top of that.

Arrange the peeps [colour options are entirely up to you] on top of the chips. Keep your peeps close [and your enemies closer 🤭] so you have a nice tight layer of Peeps on top.

Bake for 5-7 minutes. Once your timer dings [does anyone else set multiple timers— sort of like morning alarms? I have real fears here] take it out of the oven. Let the dish sit for two to five minutes to make sure the chips are melted entirely and then dig in! I can’t help you from here, you’re on your own. Enjoy!

This will be a hit with both kids & adults.

Use graham crackers to dip, more like scoop, up the marshmallow-y chocolate goodness, then repeat as you see fit. Don’t think that this stops at graham crackers though, you’ve got to try it with pretzels!

You can even scoop up a portion of the dip to make a ‘classic’ s’more!


  • 1 200g bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 200g bag of salted caramel chipits
  • 3 packages of Peeps Marshmallows
  • 1 box of graham crackers for dipping


  • Preheat oven to 400°.
  • Place one flavor of chocolate chips in the bottom of the dish— spread out evenly.
  • Place the second flavor of chocolate chips on top of the base layer.
  • Arrange the Peeps on top.
  • Bake for 5-7 minutes.
  • Remove from oven and let the dish sit for 2-5 minutes to ensure all the chips have fully melt.
  • Dip with graham crackers.

Let me know what you thought of this quick & delicious treat, and how you got creative with your flavors!

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