Paint, crayons, pencil crayons [or coloured pencils as my husband calls them— an ongoing debate] whiteboard markers, chalk; you name it, Bodhi is adding colour to our world in all ways, shapes and forms.

I discovered this great little online shop called Caravan for super fun digital printables when I was planning Bodhi’s first birthday party last year, and have been obsessed ever since. They offer high-quality designs that can be printed at home. I absolutely love their artwork and how easy it is to receive, access and print the files once you’ve purchased them. For me, the real OMG moment is that they offer poster-size digital images that print up beautifully and giant-ly. Unless you have a printer capable of printing these at home [if you do can we be BFF’s?] you can roll how I roll and send them to Staples to have them printed. Staples has a print option to bring these massive [4 feet x 3 feet] prints to life. It may sound like a lot of work, but it’s literally a couple of clicks [I’ve done it a bunch of times]. Another thing you don’t have to worry about right now is how to make this happen; you can order everything online via the Staples website and when it’s ready you can pick it up curbside!

Monsters Say Roar Wall Print

When I launched Vincent & Jules last year, I wanted to support and encourage others like me who are doing what they love, small businesses who are going for it, and anyone else who is doing the damn thing. When I came across Caravan, I loved their story, message and the small team behind it. 100% inspiring and 100% awesome!

When we take a break from playing soccer, racing cars, running around and jumping [all this Easter bunny talk has his imagination hopping wild] we spend time colouring. Having different types of colouring pages on hand keeps Bodhi entertained, and we enjoy colouring with him too! They also help Bodhi learn colours, animals, numbers and shapes [amongst other things]. Of course he loves a good ol’ fashioned coloring book, but variety is key.

Working On Our Dino-knowledge

I used The Zoo Watercolour Animals prints to practice Bodhi’s animal knowledge. We used them like flashcards.

He loved this activity and so did I! You can certainly frame these beautiful images and bring colour and life to your walls! I could see these looking fantastic in an entryway, playroom or bedroom.

I had the Everybody Should Be Nice large-format design printed and featured it in an amazing light-up poster frame in Bodhi’s playroom. My dad got the frame for me when Blockbuster [a place where people rented movies once upon a time] closed its doors forever. Note that I am still mourning this loss. Needless to say, it’s by far the coolest thing I own. I’ve only had the option of featuring different movie posters in the frame [due its size], but these prints fit perfectly. The designs/prints Caravan offers aren’t just for kids either, they have art that will add a pop to any room.

Everybody Should Be Nice

Another activity we really enjoyed doing together was The Thankful Tree. I asked Bodhi what makes him happy, who he loves and who he wants to cuddle right now. What I am really asking [in a slightly different way] is: what are you grateful for? I wanted to utilize this activity I found on the Caravan site at this particular moment in time because these days of uncertainty definitely remind me of what I am thankful and grateful for.

I started by cutting different leaf shapes out of coloured paper, and then wrote the things Bodhi is grateful for on the leaves. We taped the tree up on the wall, with painters tape, and then Bodhi stuck the leaves onto the branches. I pre-taped the leaves for sticking ease. I chose to use the 18×24″ print because I wanted Bodhi to be able to reach the tree without a stool. Note that this is two separate prints and they can be printed larger. Also note that we did this ten times! He loved it and kept sticking and re-sticking the leaves. We also practiced letters and colours while we were at it.

Watches Tiger King ONCE 🙄

Insert idea bubble: This is a great activity for children of any age, as well as something teachers can use in their classrooms.


That cliché about saving the best for last is entirely accurate in this instance. The very coolest thing about this shop is that they have a ‘Quarantine’ section right now that encourages you to stay home and is offering printables for an insane 50%-100% off. Yes, I said 50%-100% off ! I kid you not. Their prices are under $7 to begin with, but offering a discount like this is just wild! Tiger King wild [are we over this series yet?]
This post is not affiliated with Caravan whatsoever— I am just obsessed with their shop!


Why not pick up a crayon yourself? Colouring has the ability to reduce stress, anxiety, and can help to improve mood and boost creativity. Here are some super cool colouring pages that we didn’t know we needed right now [but most certainly do] created by the insanely talented Niki Saint. Because we miss our friends too! Niki is an art director & Illustrator focused on visual design and the influence it has on the human connection. Be sure to keep checking her site for newly added colouring pages! They’re just SO fun!

If you have questions about what I’ve printed— or how we’ve ordered from Staples: let me know! K GTG colour xx

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