Taco ‘Bout a #stayhome Party!

Today we have a two-year-old who was just recently a one-year-old, and not too ago was a newborn. How did this happen you ask? We blinked.

My heart and head are conflicted. My head is encouraging and anticipating the growth and learnings Bodhi experiences daily, but my heart is trying to hold onto this little boy and freeze time.

Four days old.

These are the good old days.

I am trying to remind myself that these moments, regardless of what is going on in our world, are everything. Every day we try to celebrate the small things, be sillier than normal, and play/create in unconventional ways.

OMG! Did I derail before I even got started here? I apologize. I just can’t help it. Seeing our babe, who isn’t a babe at all, makes me 50 shades of emotional. The real reason you’re here is just below.

To clarify: he did not write this.

We had a super fun ‘TACO TWOSDAY’  birthday party planned [with an incredible salsa selection by the way] for Bodhi this year – but there is more going on in our world than a two-year-old [or even myself] can comprehend, and it didn’t work out as planned.
Today we celebrate being healthy, happy & being able to eat cake at 9am! And here’s how we made it happen!

A party of three!

Me, B, Jer & Lightning McQueen

Holy Guacamole!

We wanted to make today exciting and special for Bodhi! We made sure to have everything a birthday party should: decorations, presents, balloons, cake and video calls from friends & family.

I got a cactus pinata from Target [my usual go-to for party decor]. I didn’t get a chance to fill it with candy and toys, so it’s 100% a post-birthday activity. What better way to celebrate being able to hug your cousins again by aggressively waving a stick around, blindfolded, and attempting to hit a paper cactus? The answer is none. There are no better ways.

I got these adorable string pom-poms that I taped to the bottom of the playroom table at Target! There are three strands in the package- and they’re quite long. Similar to Frank’s Red Hot; I put that sh*t on everything today.

I might leave these poms on for awhile:
so fun!

One of my favorite rooms in our home is Bodhi’s playroom. I get to share my love for movies with Bodhi through child-friendly decor. But that is another post at another time.

I changed up his letter board, which usually has a ‘Home Alone’, ‘Sandlot’ or ‘Matilda’ quote to make it ‘TACO TWOSDAY’ relevant. And yes, you guessed it: more pom-poms! I found an adorable package of taco valentine’s in January from Winners. They opened like cards so I taped them together after folding them over a piece of green string. Bodhi loved these little guys the most. I put the repurposed valentine’s across the photos on his wall [thank you painters tape]!

He spends time drawing [mostly zebras, cars & the alphabet] on his easel daily- I highly recommend investing in one. It’s clean, minimal and doesn’t take up too much space. It has a whiteboard side, as well as a chalkboard side and it’s super portable. We stan for MÅLA at Ikea [it’s also only $20]!

I wrote a little birthday message on the chalkboard side of the easel and used it as a photo background when he blew out his birthday candles! I spy some more pom-poms!

This easel is great & can be used for so many things!

Balloons were key! We [and by we I mean my husband] blew up 50-something balloons and scattered them all over the house. He loved waking up to a floor full of balloons, and played with them throughout the day. I ended up putting the balloons in his playroom after he went to bed because he will enjoy throwing them and kicking them again tomorrow! We also piled them in the ballpit and he loved jumping in [“one more mommy, one more”] repeatedly.

I made a colourful cake which I am super proud of, because it was my first ever three-layer cake and it actually sat nice & straight! P.s. the sprinkles were the easiest, quickest and most fun part. And if you’re interested, I can let you know how I did it. Bodhi thought the cake was pure magic [the experience I mean] we lit, and re-lit, the candles and sang HBD over and over again. We all loved it.

Sprinkles on sprinkles!

I made Bodhi a “I’m this many” t-shirt & I love how it turned out. Felt cute, may feature on @vincent.and.jules later.

We sang ‘Happy Birthday’ 1,798 times, ate cake, blew out candles, played games, napped, raced cars, snuggled, walked the dog, went for a ride to spot cars, boats & geese, video-chatted with friends & family and had a bubble bath. A happy birthday was most definitely had [by all].

These certainly are the good old days.

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