Time is racing by Fast & Furious style, and with Bodhi’s second birthday in my rear view, I know the value and importance of marinating in these days. I am trying to take dozens of photos so I remember everything we do, but also live in the right now and see our experiences through my own eyes and not through a lens. Finding balance is key [I’ll let you now if I ever figure it out].

Of course Easter will not be what it normally is, so we’ve got to make lemonade out of… eggs? Right? You catch my drift?

Bodhi was too young to understand what Easter and the Easter Bunny was all about last year— but this year he knows all about the basket-filling bunny, and that he is most certainly an essential worker [thank you Amazon]. We wanted to do our best to make it special for him, which in turn, would make it special for us.

Sidenote: the bunny is great and all and does notable work— but all of us? The parents planning fun and exciting Easter activities while in isolation? We are the real MVP’s. You are the real MVP! You go Glenn Coco!

We had fun with Easter colouring pages and decided to share the love with friends and family who we can’t see. We mailed out/dropped off pictures Bodhi coloured with a note from him too! Spoiler alert: we miss you ALL and “can’t wait to run around and play cars!” A direct quote. Bodhi will certainly miss the most important part of Easter; seeing family, giving hugs, playing with his cousins and eating lots of food.

An egg hunt is our new Easter tradition; I decided this today. Bodhi loved every second of it. He knew the egg hunt was coming too, we’d been talking it up all week; so when he woke up he was ready to get started. We hid the eggs in some fun places: outside his bedroom, the stair railing, his chair at the table, all over his playroom, in his toy box, with the dog toys, in the ottoman and on his reading chair. He was carrying around his basket and eagerly collecting the eggs he found throughout the house. The pure joy and thrill in his expressions and reactions were priceless. I didn’t want to end. When he found an egg he would scream: “Ah! Egg!” and show us excitedly. This was 100% the best part for me.

I dug out my Easter basket from when I was a child and Bodhi used it to collect the eggs he found throughout the house.

My basket is in great shape, aside from the knit bunny missing a googly-eye!

Dyeing eggs was a blast! I forgot how much fun this activity is, and seeing Bodhi experience it for the first time was so great! It’s been a minute since I dyed Easter eggs, so I had to adjust the dishes the dye tablets were in, and get my technique back. We initially used bowls but they were too shallow, we had to move the dye over to deeper cups to ensure the egg would be covered entirely. Using the tiny egg-dipping tool the package I bought supplied wasn’t ideal to be honest, and after the eggs were coloured and everything was cleaned up I read a great tip: use a whisk! The egg would sit perfectly in the whisk and you could dip it easily; this would work well for when you want to dye the egg with two different colours. Bodhi couldn’t colour the eggs quick enough, and in hindsight, I should have boiled more eggs. Overall: 10/10! Success!

I hope Bodhi stays full of wonder forever. I can’t wait to see him learn and grown in his inquisitive, curious and playful way— but also just stay a bright-eyed two-year-old for a little bit longer.

Happy Easter to you & yours! xox

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