Animal Tape Rescue

My husband and I have got quite the busy toddler on our hands, and without the exciting and unique daily daycare activities our son has come to love, I’ve learned to become a bit more imaginative here at home. Crayons and colouring books just won’t cut it – so we’ve stretched outside our [crayon] box and have gotten creative!

He loved freeing all of his animals!
Animal Tape Rescue

*Note that no plastic animals were harmed during this activity.

But whyyy you ask?

This is probably the easiest activity… ever. It also builds fine motor skills, keeps their focus and is am indoor activity that is quick & easy to set up. It’s also a great way to build vocabulary. My toddler was naming every animal as he was removing the tape.

What you need to set it up:

  • Painters tape
  • Activity or craft table [No table? No problem: try a cookie sheet, peg board, or something similar you can find around the house]
  • Plastic animals

I quickly & easily ripped off strips of painters tape and started taping animals to our table. I told my son we had to rescue the animals from the tape; he thought it was so funny and immediately went to it!

What’s the verdict?

My son absolutely loved this activity, he kept asking to do it again after he had ‘rescued’ all of the animals. I learned to save the tape after he peeled it off of the animals so I could reuse it over and over.

Highly recommend! Would play again [“and again… and again. Mommy pleasssse!”].

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